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Is the local church fundamentally like, or fundamentally unlike, a business or corporation? I have heard it said that they are fundamentally alike, but I think I disagree: I think that shepherding a flock is fundamentally unlike managing a corporation.  … Continue reading

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The gospel in verse 2

Why lies he in such mean estate, where ox and ass are feeding? Good Christian, fear; for sinners here the silent Word is pleading. Nails, spear, shall pierce him through; the cross be borne for me, for you: Hail, hail … Continue reading

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Indiana car seat laws

I read up on what is required for restraints for kids, but then it keeps slipping from my mind.  I ain’t a lawyer, but here’s my paraphrase of Indiana Code 9-19-11: Passenger Restraint Systems for Children, in the vernacular: The … Continue reading

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Being careful of those who won’t submit

In Robert E. Sagers’ review of Don Miller’s To Own a Dragon, he makes the following statement: [Miller’s] discussion of authority, just by its inclusion, is a helpful corrective to an entire generation of men who resent the very idea … Continue reading

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Gratitude and belief

In his recent blog post, Thanksgiving and the Christian Life, Albert Mohler draws attention to an interesting thing that David W. Pao says in his book, Thanksgiving: An Examination of a Pauline Theme: One of the most helpful aspects of … Continue reading

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