College and career musings for the little ones

From time to time I think about long-term directions for our kids’ education and what direction we should be thinking toward.  In an article about preparing for a career in software developement, Bruce Eckel shares some thoughts about what he thinks is important.  Much of the article has application beyond careers in software development.  For example:

But as it turns out, some of the greatest value that I got from college was from those same off-track courses, the ones that expanded my mind beyond “stuff we already know.”

Eckel compares building software (again this can be easily extended to building a career in general) to building a house, where there are entry-level positions that are easy to find without much study or preparation when business is booming, but expendable when business is down; and where there are other positions that take work to get to but that tend to survive downturns better.

Good stuff to think about.

The whole article on

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