Unless it’s true

This whole idea, ‘Just try Christianity, you’ll like it’ — that’s not the Christianity that’s in the Bible. The ‘Try Christianity, you’ll like it’ stuff — Paul said, ‘If for this life only we have hope, we are more to be pitied than all men.’ We are idiots if this is not true. It’s not a kind of Pascal’s wager: ‘Oh, try it — if you’re right, you win the heavenly lottery, and if you’re wrong, oh well, you had a decent life going through — moral, well-ordered, you had a community around you’ — Not if you live a kind of biblical Christian life. You will contort your flesh. You will upset yourself. You will cancel and cross out and amend your own plans, so much so that it doesn’t make any sense at all unless it’s true. –Mark Dever, from a talk titled Learning from the Puritans, delivered at the New Attitude 2003 conference

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