Helpful New Attitude messages

On my new commute, I have time to listen to preaching and teaching for a couple of hours each day.  I’ve been working my way through the messages from the first five years of the New Attitude conference.  Here are some of the messages that the Lord has used to change my thinking in some area:

The Idol Factory (C.J. Mahaney, 2000)
This is the message that the Lord used to open my eyes to see that a lot of what I was excusing as merely shortcomings or infirmities are really sins that I need to repent of. This has led to much spiritual benefit for me. This is the message for which I eventually purchased the Five 45 CD.
If Boys Would Be Men, Part 1 (Joshua Harris, 2000)
The Gospel and Evangelism (Mark Dever, 2001)
Q&A with Mark Dever (Mark Dever, 2001)
The Importance of a Local Church (Mark Dever, 2002)
Living As If Heaven Was Your Home (Randy Alcorn, 2002)
Picture of a Godly Man (Eric Simmons, 2002)
Closer Than A Brother (Eric Simmons, 2003)
Commitment to the Church (Joshua Harris, 2003)
Learning From the Puritans (Mark Dever, 2003)
Business As a Calling (Nelson Cooney, 2003)

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