I’ve only just begun to love

Mary Ann and I have been married for ten blessed years, and yet when it comes to loving her it’s as if I’ve only just begun.  I’m starting to take more seriously the call of God upon me as a husband to love my wife as myself, and as a result of that I have been starting to see a startling number of gaps between what I say I believe and my actual behavior.

One more current example:  I have trouble remembering things that Mary Ann asks me to do on my way home, or even around the house.

“Understandable!” you say.

Ok, I’ll admit there have been a lot of things to pay attention to lately and my concentration has been unusually scattered…

Why, then, do I seem to have little trouble remembering the errands I need to run, or the things I want to accomplish around the house — only Mary Ann’s?

Answer: It’s because I have been content to love little.


John Piper says this:

I conclude that headship is not a right taken to rule or control; it’s a responsibility to love like Christ, which means in specific a responsibility for a husband to lay down his life for his wife in servant leadership.

And elsewhere he continues:

There is no contradiction between leadership and servanthood, not if you follow Jesus…he teaches us that if a man takes up the mantle of leadership, according to Genesis 2, he must not seize it as a right for himself; rather he must accept it as a responsibility given by God.  The language of leadership in the mouth of Jesus is the language of responsibility, not rights.

(from a sermon series available on the CBMW Sermon Audio page)

A responsibility to love like Christ. O Lord, make it so with me — for the comfort and delight of Mary Ann’s heart, the good of our family, and the fame of your name!

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