Tolerance and the nature of love

I learned something important about the nature of love yesterday.

Pastor Tim Bayly had written a post about how in our day, much of what passes for “tolerance” is the silencing of the Christian witness.

I somehow wasn’t grasping his point. What he said seemed good, but then a commenter would say something about respecting diversity, and that seemed good too…

It was in his answer to a commenter that something clicked for me:

In other words, what about love? Of neighbor? Of neighbor lost in the bondage of sodomy, dying and Dying? Is there no love for him? Is there no one who will stop to bind up his wounds and comfort him? Is there no one who will commit our much-vaunted Tolerance’s capital crime of speaking to him of sin and righteousness and judgment, calling him to the mercy of Jesus Christ? Are we really so sterile and cruel that we’ll scrupulously keep to the other side of the iron curtain of diversity and pluralism and tolerance?

What kind of compassion is a compassion that refuses to warn a fellow soul of his danger of hell and judgment?  What kind of love is, by its actions, unconcerned about a neighbor’s eternal damnation?

A cruel kind of compassion.  A hateful kind of love.

This is why exposing evil is not some kind of perverse hobby, not merely an egotist’s pastime, not indicative of a lack of grace.

Rather, it is basic to loving your neighbor (and for a pastor, to protecting the sheep from the wolves).

Lord Jesus, forgive us for the hate and cruelty we have promulgated in the name of tolerance.
Thank you for your loving correction when we stray.
Teach us to truly love our neighbor as ourselves!


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