Children's Bibles and the Second Commandment

When our children read their children’s Bibles, does the story ever grip their hearts?  Do they see that God is a holy God who is to be adored and worshipped?

We would hope so, wouldn’t we?  We want them to learn of of the glory of God — we certainly don’t want them to see the Bible as merely a collection of cute stories.

Do they ever look at a picture of Jesus and worship God?

Now we have a dilemma.  If we say, “No, that would never happen!”  and we’re right, then perhaps with these children’s Bibles we’re accidentally teaching the Bible as a collection of cute stories.

But if the stories are presented in a way faithful enough to Scripture that it could lead to worship of the Lord… we may be promoting worship through the means of images.

What’s the big deal?

The big deal is, God has said he doesn’t want to be worshipped through the use of images.

But because Jesus came in flesh, now is it ok to make images of him?  Isn’t it different?

I’m not sure it is.

Or maybe the second commandment only applies to wood and stone, but not paper?  Yet we regularly (and rightly, I believe) apply the second commandment to issues of the heart, properly naming it idolatry when we desire fame, or attention, or to be thought well of, more than to do the will of the Father.  How can the commandment apply to wood, stone, and ideas, but not paper?

Are we doing what we’re doing in this out of a desire to follow God’s ways, or are we just following the Christian culture around us?  Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate.

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