Speed limit: the children

When we have children, there’s another aspect of speed limit that eventually pops up and must be dealt with:  what do we say when our children ask, “Daddy, I just saw a sign that said, ‘Speed Limit 30’, so why are you going 34?”

They wouldn’t ask that, would they?  Shoot, they would.

“Well, son, you bring up an excellent point, and I’ve been meaning to teach you some important concepts of rationalization and self-justification that you’ll need when you grow up.  You see, it says ‘Speed Limit 30’, but the police officers don’t really ever enforce that.  In fact, in most places as long as you’re not over 8 mph over the speed limit you won’t get ticketed — though there are some towns where they’re extra fussy (crazy police) and you need to make sure not to go over at all.  I’ll teach you the list of towns around here that you have to watch out for.

“In fact, when you are traveling and you drive through an unfamiliar town and you see a squad car along the road, you don’t know how strict they are going to be in enforcing the speed limit, so I advise always watching for police cars and slowing down to the actual speed limit (or maybe just a couple miles over) while the squad car is in sight.”

Is this the legacy we want to leave to our kids?

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