Loving our neighbor on Sunday

There’s something that’s been bothering me for several years now:  If as Christians we love our neighbor as ourselves, why do we go out to eat on Sunday, forcing our chefs and waiters to skip church and possibly to break the fourth commandment?

I know, they’re probably non-Christians and wouldn’t be going to church anyway — and they’ll still have to work even if we alter our habits since many others will continue on as before — and we shouldn’t interpret the fourth commandment so legalistically, it’s not sin to not go to church because you have to work, is it (after all, what about doctors and nurses and acts of mercy and necessity)? — and some churches have a Saturday night service, maybe they could go to that — and this would make more work for my wife on Sunday*, wouldn’t that be just as bad?

It still seems like callous disregard for our neighbor.  Am I mistaken?

*(Making extra work for our wives on Sunday wouldn’t be right either, would it?  Surely there must be a way… do some prep work together Saturday night maybe?)

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