Every cell

Every so often in the news I hear about a “sex-change” operation where a man decides to be a woman (or a woman, a man). He has surgery, perhaps, and may begin taking female hormones, changes his name to a feminine name and starts dressing like a woman. He updates his driver’s license (did I read of a case where a man had his birth certificate updated?) All his friends, following his wishes, begin addressing him as a woman from that point forward.

But a while back the thought came to me from high school biology: is it not true that every cell in a man’s body has the X-Y chromosomes, in contrast to every cell in a woman’s body having the X-X chromosomes?  It’s not just the sex organs, it’s not just the hairiness or smoothness of the skin — every cell testifies that this is a man or this is a woman.

Ponder that — every cell

Let us then not go along with the error that a man can, at his option, become a woman or a woman, a man.  Rather, let us be prepared to speak the truth in love as the Lord gives opportunity.

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