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Billboard shades

I offer this in case it could help another brother in the Lord… When I first started at my new job in Indy, the worst part was every day on the drive home having to drive by a Cowpoke sign … Continue reading

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My Olivet, our Olivet: wolves among the sheep

I look back on my time at Olivet Nazarene University and there are many things to be thankful for — chief among them that it was there that I met my beautiful wife, Mary Ann!  And of course I also … Continue reading

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Humility, false and true

Our pastor and elders are seeking revival at our church.  As part of this, the adult Sunday School class is going through a three-month study called Seeking Him.  There is a workbook with things to read and questions to answer … Continue reading

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They gave to their own detriment

In Acts 2 and 4 and 5, at a time when the church was more Holy Spirit-filled and vibrant than any other time in history, part of what the people of God were doing was voluntarily selling their possessions to … Continue reading

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Original sin seems so foreign.  I didn’t commit it, why should it affect me?  We’re even ready to judge God on the matter.  “I’m not in Adam!  I’m on my own — a free agent!”  Yet we’re uncomfortable with this … Continue reading

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A letter of appeal about sodomy

Our US Congress is currently considering legislation that no longer discourages sodomy in the U.S. military. Mary Ann and I are mailing this letter today to the President and our US senators and representatives. Saturday, June 5, 2010 President Barack … Continue reading

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I made a covenant with my eyes…

My internet service provider uses Yahoo as its email provider.  Several months ago when I switched to checking email online using a web browser instead of downloading the messages to my home computer using a client email program, I began … Continue reading

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