I made a covenant with my eyes…

My internet service provider uses Yahoo as its email provider.  Several months ago when I switched to checking email online using a web browser instead of downloading the messages to my home computer using a client email program, I began to notice that the ads that surround the email checking were not only distracting, but too often were designed to take the mind in an impure direction.

What to do? I settled on an approach that helps me maintain my purity.  It occurred to me that describing this approach might help a brother — thus this post.

I use the Firefox browser, and I have installed two add-ons: Flashblock and Image-Show-Hide.


With flashblock on, Flash animations initially look like this:

This gives me finer-grain control over what animations I see.  I can press the Play button and see the animation.

By right-clicking the Play button, I can add the site to a whitelist so that Flash content from that site automatically plays.  This is useful for sites that I go to frequently and trust.


News websites, search engine pages, and even my internet service provider’s webmail portal sometimes contain immodest images.  It’s so easy to defile the mind.  Image-Show-Hide helps me:  Whenever I am about to check email, I first press the Image Hide button.  The Image-Show-Hide toolbar button shows a gray box in the corner, and when I go to a site everything is text:

If I am going to a site I trust, I can click the Image-Show-Hide button first.  The button shows a shiny yellow area instead of gray, and when I go to the site the images are displayed:


Pressing the Image-Show-Hide button in one Firefox window affects any other Firefox windows I have open, though it does not update the button in the other Firefox window.  So when I have multiple Firefox windows open, sometimes I have to press the Image-Show-Hide button a few times to get its appearance to be in sync with the actual setting  (I do not use the Image-Show-Hide add-in’s auto-refresh feature).

It would also be really nice if there were a shortcut key I could press to run Image-Show-Hide, instead of clicking .

Despite these quirks, this setup has been a great help to me.

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One Response to I made a covenant with my eyes…

  1. Deven says:

    Thanks for the tip and for doing what you can to maintain purity. It’s something I really respect in men of Christlike character.

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