A letter of appeal about sodomy

Our US Congress is currently considering legislation that no longer discourages sodomy in the U.S. military. Mary Ann and I are mailing this letter today to the President and our US senators and representatives.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

President Barack Obama
Sen. Richard Lugar
Sen. Evan Bayh
Rep. Mike Pence

Dear President Obama, Mr. Lugar, Mr. Bayh, and Mr. Pence,

Please do not support legislation approving of sodomy in the military.

Sodomy is wicked, and if we truly love those who engage in it we will call them to repentance and work to help them avoid this sin, not help them fall into it more easily.

Please, as we love God and love our neighbor, let us have concern for the souls of such people, and do not work to normalize the sin of sodomy in this nation.


Daniel S. Meyer
Mary Ann Meyer

Surely it could be better stated, but I couldn’t just stand by as usual, saying nothing. Feel free to copy it if that would be useful to you.

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