They gave to their own detriment

In Acts 2 and 4 and 5, at a time when the church was more Holy Spirit-filled and vibrant than any other time in history, part of what the people of God were doing was voluntarily selling their possessions to share with those in need.

This is a different model than the Dave Ramsey model of building wealth with which to be generous.

It struck me the other day that there is a connection between the Jerusalem believers’ generosity in Acts 2 and the need later on for Paul to take up a collection for the saints in Jerusalem (1 Cor 16; 2 Cor 8).  These saints appear to have given to their own later detriment.  Was this wise stewardship? we might ask — yet this is the church at is most Holy Spirit and faith filled!  There is no indication that it was foolish in God’s eyes for them to give as they did.

I have a hunch we lack faith in God and don’t love our brothers and that if we did, we would be engaging in this kind of “foolishness” that is faith.

“But what about saving for our kids’ college education?”

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