Billboard shades

I offer this in case it could help another brother in the Lord…

When I first started at my new job in Indy, the worst part was every day on the drive home having to drive by a Cowpoke sign featuring a woman’s rear end.

It was like being defiled every day.  It was discouraging!

I tried making up a story to bring dignity to the woman pictured, but the daily visual was still a problem.

At some point I thought of figuring out what landmarks came before the billboard, so I would know to look away when the time came.  This process took several days; for the first few days, I was oblivious until… Argh! there the billboard was again and I couldn’t remember what landmarks I’d just seen. Then I’d have to wait till the next day to try again.

In time, though, I found that mile marker 14 was the last one before the billboard, and there’s also a barn with a unique horse design in the shingles off to the right if I miss the mile marker.  The billboard comes out of some trees, so I learned to shade my eyes when I see those trees, and I learned just where to put my hand to block out the sight of the billboard as I drive by.  This has been a great help to me.

(Funny appendix: I was driving back from Riley with Mary Ann the other day and I did my billboard blocker move like usual.  (I had told Mary Ann about the billboard back when the Lord gave me this new job.)  She asked me, “Did you know that they’ve changed the billboard?”  Ha!  It had probably been months since I’d actually seen the billboard, and in that time Cowpokes has put up a different one, this time with the woman in a less immodest pose.  Thank the Lord!)

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