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Men on whom His favor rests

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men. – Luke 2:14 KJV Christmas is the season where “Peace, good will toward men” is in our minds. But there is something more here — rather … Continue reading

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A conversation between Falsely Assured and Preacher of Truth

Then went the jury out, whose names were Mr. Blindman, Mr. No-good, Mr. Malice, Mr. Love-lust, Mr. Live-loose, Mr. Heady, Mr. High-mind, Mr. Enmity, Mr. Liar, Mr. Cruelty, Mr. Hate-light, and Mr. Implacable; who every one gave in his private … Continue reading

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More from the wilderness wanderings

A few more things from Numbers…

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Follow our example

In our day, we take it as a sure sign of arrogance when someone says, “Follow my example” — spiritually speaking, anyway. We think that we walk humbly by refraining from telling others to follow our example: “I’m sinful and … Continue reading

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It's about which servicemen we will discipline

Douglas Wilson has a good point about the question of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal — that the military is already not full of righteous behavior, but this is about which servicemen we discipline:

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Please wear a condom, Jesus

In these times, we are accustomed to dissociating the act of sex from the planting of seed. Is this right? Is this what the Holy Spirit teaches us in Scripture?  I have questioned this before in prose; today I want … Continue reading

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An invitation to blesssing

A note from the sermon August 1: “Every time you find a call to obedience in God’s Word, you need to view it as an invitation to blessing.”

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