Evil Planned Parenthood

I don’t want to contribute any money to Planned Parenthood, the single largest perpetrator of abortion mills in the United States. I don’t want to contribute to any organization that contributes to Planned Parenthood. I don’t want to vote for anyone who is associated with Planned Parenthood.

But sometimes I wonder, am I being too hard on this organization?

Then I see something like the following and am reminded why I don’t want to contribute a penny to this evil organization.

The International Planned Parenthood Federation has produced a pamphlet called Healthy, happy and hot that encourages “young people” (When you hover over the phrase “young people”, an explanatory note pops up: “Those who are aged between 10-24 years.”) who have HIV to have casual sex with anyone and everyone based only on thoughts of their own physical pleasure, and not to feel constrained to tell anyone they’re having sex with that they have HIV unless or until they decide to.

The brochure also encourages young people to act in secret:

Many communities have centres that…have hours that are convenient for young people, and staff who understand young people…

You should find out whether there any centres near to you where you can go without needing the permission of your parents or guardians. You should also make sure that you can trust the staff not to tell anyone you were there or why.

So Planned Parenthood goes on preying on the young and defenseless, the orphan and the fatherless.

And our tax dollars fund Planned Parenthood each year. Lord help us.

The brochure can be accessed here.

Hat Tip: LifeSiteNews

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