Please wear a condom, Jesus

In these times, we are accustomed to dissociating the act of sex from the planting of seed.

Is this right? Is this what the Holy Spirit teaches us in Scripture?  I have questioned this before in prose; today I want to question it in poetry.

What would it look like if we tried to dissociate spiritual intimacy with our Savior from the care of more souls?  Granted, it’s grotesque – it’s offensive – it’s just wrong. But this is my point: its physical counterpart is perfectly fine?

Brothers and sisters, how can this be?

Please wear a condom, Jesus

We want union with you, Lord Jesus
A closer walk
More intimacy
We’re dry
It’s been so long
You seem so far away
Draw near to us, Jesus
Don’t send us souls yet though
We know it’s important
We’ll be open to that soon
But not yet
Please wear a condom, Jesus

We’re not ready
Our house is not in order
New souls are messy
They cry out
Even while we’re trying to worship You
We’ll get less sleep
We want to be faithful
With the souls You’ve already given us
It would be wrong to bring more souls in now
Wouldn’t it?
Please wear a condom, Jesus

What does reproducing have to do with union?
They are two separate concepts
Union is necessary often
Openness to new souls though–
Must we really be open to that every time?
We love union with You
We really don’t care about souls
Maybe a few
Maybe someday
Please wear a condom, Jesus

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