A good neighbor

I was cleaning out some papers and found this letter of appreciation from five years ago. We still appreciate our just-around-the-corner Marsh!

January 14, 2006

Brad McLachlan
Store Manager
Marsh #96
715 S. Tillotson
Muncie, IN 47304

Dear Mr. McLachlan,

This is a letter of appreciation for the Marsh supermarket chain, and especially for the Marsh on South Tillotson Avenue in Muncie.

Toward the end of 2005, there was an article in the Star Press talking about Marsh not doing too well financially, and considering being sold. At the time, our main shopping was at Meijer; we shopped Marsh for sales and convenience. When we read about Marsh’s financial difficulty, we realized that we appreciate Marsh’s presence in our neighborhood very much, and that it would be a significant loss if the store closed, moved away, or even changed hands and lost the personal touch that endears it so much to us. At that time, we re-evaluated our priorities; and what we have decided is to make Marsh our primary supermarket.

My wife is the primary shopper, so let me list the things she was able to quickly come up with that she appreciates about our Marsh:

  • They bag groceries and put them in your cart
  • The loader guys are almost eager to help take bags out to the car
  • The “Parents with toddlers” parking spots are very helpful
  • They have carts with trucks on the front that kids enjoy riding in
  • The cashiers are friendly and consistent (seems to be low turnover) – they take an interest in the customers, and you get to know them too
  • The store is good at keeping the promise that if there are more than three in line, a new line is opened
  • Meat is ground fresh multiple times a day there at the store
  • The store is well staffed – there are enough employees around that you can find someone when you need to ask a question
  • There is a good variety of selection
  • They’re in the local neighborhoods, instead of one mega-store
  • Little things:
    • One time the loader guy pushing carts in waited while my wife unloaded groceries and child, then offered to take her cart into the store with the rest
    • My wife called the meat department and a nice lady helped her with how to cook a ham; another time a man in the meat department answered her questions about how long stew beef would stay good.
    • A lady in the bakery likes to give our one-year-old daughter a free cookie when she’s there.

The above items demonstrate an exceptional attention to courtesy and customer care, not only at the top level, but by every employee – and we don’t want to lose that! We’ve decided we’re willing to pay the slightly higher prices at Marsh (which I bet are that way in large part due to some of the above items, which cost the store money) to do our little part to support a great store just around the corner. Thanks for being there – we really hope you’ll stay!

With appreciation,
Daniel & Mary Ann Meyer

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