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The Shack: the premise

Let the simple be warned: the god you may draw closer to in The Shack is not the true and Living God. It is a false god, and William Paul Young is a false prophet. Do not be led away … Continue reading

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All our authority is but for our work

Richard Baxter was a pastor in England in the 1600s. One of the great spiritual problems in Baxter’s day was that pastors had long neglected their duty to know their parishioners’ spiritual condition and to teach them privately from house … Continue reading

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That big ugly husband

A few days ago I wrote about configuring your web browser for battle — (helps to avoid evil on the internet). Here’s another simple thing I do to avoid sin with my eyes: When I see a woman, I imagine … Continue reading

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Configure your browser for battle

In our day it is very easy for us men to defile our eyes. It takes constant vigilance to avoid such defilement, and if you let your guard down for a minute, suddenly there was another image that just got … Continue reading

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Malthus: bad, but not quite that bad

Steve Mosher and the folks at the Population Research Institute run a site called Remember that Steven Mosher is the man who in 1983 was booted from his doctoral program in anthropology at Stanford after exposing the horrors of … Continue reading

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You’d have to have some first

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. – Philippians 4:6 Worry is a refusal to trust in God. Worry is a sin. “Be anxious for nothing,” … Continue reading

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