That big ugly husband

A few days ago I wrote about configuring your web browser for battle — (helps to avoid evil on the internet). Here’s another simple thing I do to avoid sin with my eyes:

When I see a woman, I imagine her big, ugly husband (or father) beside her, watching me with a not very friendly look in his eye. Thinking of him helps me snap to remembrance not to dwell on the sight of the woman.

This is why our informal first-name-basis mode of address puts us in a worse state: it removes a help to men. We address a woman simply as ‘Sue’ — free-floating, independent Sue, with no apparent ties to anyone. If the societal scaffolding were such that we addressed her as ‘Mrs. Richards’, then even in our address we would be acknowledging something of such help to us in the fight for holiness — that big ugly husband.

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