Edifying introductions

When a man introduces himself to a man he’s never met, he asks him, “What do you do?”

From there, it’s easy to unwittingly go down a path of vanity:
“You say you work in manufacturing. Hmm, ok. But oh, you’re in management? Pretty high up in management? Oh, middle management, ok. So do you have quite a few people working under you? Oh, ten direct reports, ok.
“Now you say they produce cabinets. Pressed wood? Oh, hardwood cabinets, eh?”

Brothers, the way this man is leading the conversation betrays this-worldly thinking. He is asking about position, numbers, high-end versus low-end market. He is tempting his brother to boast in worldly position and achievements which are passing away.

What really matters, and how can our introductions reflect that?

To begin a rough sketch…
A man has a calling to provide for his family. So, is his work honest work. Is it steady employment. If he is in a position of authority over others, how does he serve, help, and lead them? Has he had opportunities to minister to the needs of men and their families? Is the environment conducive or hostile to purity? What safeguards or supports does he have in place to protect himself, and if he’s in a position of authority, to protect other men and women’s purity?

This is too much for one introductory conversation, but over time these types of things would make for fruitful discussion, helping both the other man and you to think in an eternity-minded way about work — that is, to think like a Christian.

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