The life of the mother

As I walked up to the Planned Parenthood at Georgetown and 86th this afternoon about 3pm, I noticed an ambulance around the back of the building with its lights flashing. About 3:05 it left Planned Parenthood with lights and siren going, proceeded up to 86th and proceeded through the intersection on red without stopping, while honking its horn. The ambulance had PIKE FIRE in large letters on it.

O sisters, don’t go into that place of death.

Update 1/17/2012: I have made a public records request and obtained the 911 call audio: 12-22-11 911 call 8590 Georgetown Rd

Update 1/20/2012: I’ve transcribed the audio:

Dispatcher: Fire & ambulance, what’s the address of your emergency?

PP: 8590 Georgetown Road.

Dispatcher: Is that a business?

PP: Um, yes, Planned Parenthood of Indiana.

Dispatcher: Ok, the telephone number you’re calling from?

PP: (gives phone number)

Dispatcher: And what’s the problem there?

PP: Um, we have a patient that is post-op that is having some, um, bleeding issues and it cannot be controlled, to where we need to have her transferred to a hospital.

Dispatcher: Ok, and it’s um…vaginal?

PP: Yes.

Dispatcher: Okay.

PP: And she’s Spanish-speaking, I don’t know if any of your EMTs speak Spanish or not.

Dispatcher: Ok…

PP: She has someone with her, but still, if you got one that can come, that’d be better.

Dispatcher: Ok, but she is conscious?

PP: Yes.

Dispatcher: Is she breathing normally?

PP: Um, I believe they’ve had her off and on on oxygen, um…they’re, I’m sorry, they’re in the middle of doctor assessing her in the room.

Dispatcher: Okay, but she is breathing?

PP: Yes.

Dispatcher: All right, we’ve got [unintelligible] on the way, have her lie down, um, don’t give her anything to eat or drink, and don’t throw away any blood-soaked items, and make sure you let the paramedics know of any medication she’s taking.

PP: Ok. Thank you.

Dispatcher: They’re on the way.

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One Response to The life of the mother

  1. Not Alone says:

    What a sad Christmas memory… Praying for God to find that woman, if she survived, and to bring her to repentance and a saving knowledge of Him!

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