We should not be ashamed to stand against the march of perversion

I just sent this letter to the editor of the Muncie Star Press.

Dear Star Press,

In the March 30 editorial titled “Senators got what they wanted,” you try to shame the 20 Indiana senators who wrote against a license plate for the Indiana Youth Group, an organization that teaches youth that sodomy is good.

But to fail to speak against sodomy is to consign our neighbor to the destruction of his body now (surely you must know of the huge dangers to the life of the one who indulges in this perversion), not to mention the destruction of his soul in eternity (sodomy is one of the few things God calls an abomination).

Discouraging the public celebration of sodomy may not appear progressive or enlightened or forward thinking or open minded, but surely it must be a step closer to loving your neighbor than standing by while he goes to his doom — or even celebrating it.

Daniel Meyer

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