Fechten mit dem langen Schwert

Fencing as we know it today is a gentlemen’s sport – there are rules, you know your opponent must play nice and not kick you in the gut. The danger has been removed.

In contrast, there is a new interest in western medieval martial arts (starting with but not limited to the long sword) springing up various places in Europe and these United States. The danger is back…

“Fencing with the long sword” – notice how the best parries do not simply block the attack, but create an attack of their own; and note how you can be kicked or disarmed if you’re not quick:

One of the things the above video does not demonstrate much of is intensity, which is essential if the other guy is really fighting. The next video dials up the intensity a little…

“Some long sword fencing pieces after Danzig & Ringeck”

And here’s one where the intensity is dialed up one more notch:

“Sword meets mask”

At the ARMA, they know intensity:

A big problem with many of the videos out there and with all the fencing clubs is that in demonstrating and teaching these great western martial arts, they cheerfully also have men fighting women–wrong!

But wouldn’t man-to-man long sword fencing be a great way of learning an important aspect of manhood, learning to fight? In a generation where we’re all sissified, feminized wusses, this could be just the thing.

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