Dagger disarms

To the idea of learning to fence with a long sword, someone might say, “But who’s going to come at you with a long sword?”

To which I answer, true–it would be something more like a knife, not a sword. However, knife moves are quicker than sword moves because of the smaller mass of the weapon, and I think that for learning fighting and defense techniques there is a richness to what you can do with a long sword that isn’t there with a little Barlow. (See John Clements’ article for more reasons study of the sword is worthwhile.)

This doesn’t negate the value of learning to defend against a knife attack, though. Check these out:

“Langes Messer” (long knife)

Fascinating how, even unarmed, there are ways to stop the weapon and turn it against your attacker.

There are ways to disarm a knife-wielding attacker:

A basic disarm:

Or you can throw ’em while you’re at it:

Seems like good skills for any husband and father to have.

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One Response to Dagger disarms

  1. Hensel says:

    You should try sparring with Levi and his training swords. It’s not as easy as it looks but inversely it is more fun than it looks.

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