But get to it!

“Job says first of all, I live in a pure way, that my eyes are not lookin’ at things they shouldn’t be. Men, this is a struggle for all of us, but it is something that has to be put aside. Job’s righteousness started with a covenant with his eyes, your righteousness should start with a covenant with your eyes, if it does not then if trouble befalls you it’s your own fault. Now God, fortunately, loves sinners, and you can repent at any time. But get to it. Not tomorrow. Not “around tuit”. Not someday. Make sure that the covenant with your eyes is sorted out and that you live a pure life. And I’m not just talking about the access the internet brings us, I’m talkin’ about when you’re driving down the street or walking down the halls in business, I’m talking about how you relate to women in general, how you relate to the opposite sex matters…”

–Pastor Jim Strietelmeier at ClearNote men’s retreat, November 9-10, 2012

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