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Billions of aid to an administration that persecutes Christians

I sent this short request to our president and representatives Friday: Dear (Representative Carson, Senator Coats, Senator Donnelly, President Obama), We have just heard about a woman in Egypt who along with her seven children have been sentenced to 15 … Continue reading

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Adopted by the Father

You’re a Christian, you’re a son of God, you claim all the privileges of being a son but you will not obey your Father? You live as a slave to your sins—your lust, your greed, your alcohol, your food—you cling … Continue reading

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The Father and the Son

And he looked at us and he said to us from his chair, “I don’t have to do anything. I don’t have to take any message. You’re my message now.” And we came to an understanding of what it means … Continue reading

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As! As!

Before we went out of town the weekend before New Year’s, I was clearing the driveway to avoid having the snow turn into hard ice while we were gone. The snow was thick, but our driveway slopes downhill and it … Continue reading

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The man who stands up against the winds knows far more about wind than the man who blows right over

Personal virtue and integrity were important to Anne Bradstreet. She put the issue this way, with characteristic plainness: “That town which thousands of enemies without hath not been able to take hath been delivered up by one traitor within, and … Continue reading

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My business is to persuade sinners to repentance

Now they drew towards the end of this way; and just there where Christian had seen the cave when he went by, out thence came forth Maul, a giant. This Maul did use to spoil young pilgrims with sophistry; and … Continue reading

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Killing the Father

The world of today is the world of yesterday and Scripture. We too sacrifice our children to our own gods of autonomy, self-determination, convenience, and choice. Cannot the church bring herself to see this as an evangelistic opportunity? A gospel-centered … Continue reading

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