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If you ever go to Mackinac Island…

Mackinac Island is a beautiful little island, 3.8 square miles in area, located in Lake Huron between the main part of Michigan and the U.P. It’s known for its handmade fudge and how there are (mostly) no cars on the … Continue reading

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This is the sanctification of your studies, when they are devoted to God

Mary Ann and I are working on transcribing the Thomas Rutherford abridgement of Baxter’s The Reformed Pastor, which leaves in many of the footnotes and tangentials that the standard William Brown abridgement removes. While speaking to the problem of unregenerate … Continue reading

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Why personhood, part 2: a legal basis for protecting the innocent

In part 1, our purpose was to establish that a judge must protect the innocent, and that for a judge to consign an innocent unborn baby, having committed no crime, to death, is wickedness. When a judge renders a decision, … Continue reading

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Why personhood, part 1: the judge’s duty

Scenario: You’re a God-fearing judge. A young woman is brought before you. She is pregnant and she wants to kill her unborn baby. Under the laws of your state she must have written parental consent. Her parents have refused consent, … Continue reading

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