If you ever go to Mackinac Island…

Mackinac Island is a beautiful little island, 3.8 square miles in area, located in Lake Huron between the main part of Michigan and the U.P. It’s known for its handmade fudge and how there are (mostly) no cars on the island. Most of the island is a state park. My family went when I was a boy, and Mary Ann and I went before we had kids; we’d like to go up again with the kids sometime. It’s a beautiful place.

Beautiful places need the gospel just like everywhere else, though, and I am thankful for the faithful work of Mackinac Island Bible Church on the island. We stumbled upon the church the last time we were on the island, and they have the brand-marks of Jesus. Next time you’re on Mackinac Island over the weekend, do make sure to worship the Lord at Mackinac Island Bible Church.

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