Regarding Diana Jimenez

June 6, 2013
Dear [BIOLA] President Barry Corey,

My first introduction to BIOLA was through the writings of Fred Sanders and John Mark Reynolds several years ago on the Scriptorium blog of the Torrey Institute. Thank you for your work as a Christian university.

I am writing though to ask you to reverse the threats and actions taken against Miss Diana Jimenez by your campus chief of security and dean of nursing when she held up a sign on campus exposing what abortion does to a baby.

I have seen a video showing your campus chief of security threatening Miss Jimenez with not graduating for holding a graphic sign and refusing to leave campus. And I hear that the dean of the nursing department has forbidden anyone in her department from writing letters of reference for her. Surely this is not the way to encourage our young people to stand on behalf of the innocent and defenseless, is it?

As a father of five children, what am I supposed to think when the time comes to recommend colleges for my children? I would want a college where evil, not the exposing of evil, is punished. In this example, BIOLA looks disturbingly similar to a state school to me.

I’m not questioning your authority under the law to block such images from your campus; I’m asking that as a Christian university you not try to block a disturbing image of a disturbing reality. A Christian university is the perfect place to have the difficult discussions that need to happen regarding the reality of abortion. Miss Jimenez appears to be a good example of what we want our Christian colleges to produce, not a bad example to be punished. Please change your actions accordingly.

Daniel S. Meyer
Indianapolis, Indiana

I don’t know if Miss Jimenez did the right thing in holding a graphic abortion sign when BIOLA had told her no, but surely on a Christian campus it shouldn’t go like this…

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7 Responses to Regarding Diana Jimenez

  1. Mia R. says:

    Her message of pro-life was absolutely well spoken and she stood up for what she believed. However, the pictures were very disturbing and that is what in my opinion brought bad attention. I remember my teacher in 11th grade showed the class a video on abortion and those same pictures were in the video. It is a very touchy manner and what happens when people get emotional because they have had an abortion. No one wants to see the truth. It is disturbing however there is a message in it all. As an Christian school there should be TRUTH in what you teach. If they teach it they should live by it. When I saw the video it was in a Catholic School. I definitely felt it was disturbing to have everyone be DEMANDED to watch something so touchy like that. There is a way to go about everything. She should have used this time to tell the message differently without offending anyone and the school should have better handled that maybe IN A CHRISTIAN LOVING WAY. That’s my opinion. This is definitely an interesting video to see and I think something should be done about this manner.

    • danielmeyer says:

      Dear Mia,
      All the focus is on how people may feel when they see such a sign. But think of the baby! No one thinks of the baby. Miss Jimenez thought of the baby. I would be more open to being moved by others’ arguments about what should be done if I saw their zeal for the life of the baby.

      • Ryan says:

        We ought to distinguish the actual reason for Diana’s punishment: she was punished not for her views, but for her insubordination. Sure, insubordination can be good when the policies are bad. I guess it doesn’t seem particularly worth breaking university policies to raise abortion awareness on an already pro-life campus. The bad (and irrelevant divisiveness?) that has been born out of her decision seems to speak for itself.

  2. danielmeyer says:

    Dear Ryan,
    She most certainly was punished for her views. Suppose she had done any of a number of other things–suppose she parked her car in an unauthorized spot on principle, because she didn’t believe in unauthorized parking spots (this is my made-up example): sure, her car would have been towed and she may have been fined, but she would never have been threatened with not graduating, and her dean of nursing wouldn’t have commanded the nursing faculty not to give her a recommendation.

    It’s particularly because the topic is abortion that her offense was considered to rise to the level of such ultimatums.

    But if this is BIOLA’s blazing hot zeal against someone who opposes abortion the wrong way (a relatively minor offense), I would expect to see 10X more zeal from BIOLA in opposing actual abortions committed by students in their midst. Where is the intensity? Where is the anger? Where is the zeal?

  3. rhology says:

    Great letter. I agree. Biola certainly did the wrong thing here.

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