Abortion-tainted vaccines

I sent the below to a couple of dear brothers a few days ago and thought it might be a help to others…

Dear (brothers),

Hello! I hope that you and your families are well.

I was thinking about you guys and your new little ones, and I wanted to make you aware in case you don’t already know about it, that among the vaccines that will be offered to your children there are an increasing number that are derived from aborted fetal cell lines.

This is a concern on several levels:

First and foremost, by using such vaccines we are materially benefiting from the murder of an innocent. (It’s creepy, like The Lottery). I don’t believe it’s right to do this.

I also don’t believe it’s best for my children. God’s judgment is on the man that practices evil, and we’re crazy to think that in participating in this particular evil there will not be consequences. Fornication leads to STDs; sodomy leads to AIDS; in the same way, our approval of this trafficking in the blood of innocents will lead to physical consequences for our children, even if it’s not yet clear what those consequences are.

Some say that since the murders the tainted cell lines are based on were 30+ years ago, while it was bad when it happened, by now the evil is over and done and there’s so much benefit now that, weighing the bad and the good, it’s ok to benefit from these babies’ blood (the Christian Medical & Dental Association is among these). Others say that it’s ok because the babies’ mothers didn’t kill them for the purpose of creating these vaccines. Others bring up the (true) issue that it’s not possible to completely dissociate ourselves from all evil or we’d have to leave the world (1 Cor 5:9-10). But I believe that this is too close an association–surely these little ones’ blood cries out to God from the ground (Gen 4:10)–shall we then “make use” of it to enrich ourselves and our children? Also, it’s false that the evil is over and done–our approval of turning the shed blood of innocents into a commodity is feeding a growing market for aborted baby parts. There’s *lots* of money involved (see this very helpful paper, the sections on “The Need for Further Fetal Tissue” and “Encouraging Further Abortions and Research”,  for details about this). We need to understand what this monster is that we’re feeding. This aspect of ongoing, growing evil against the innocent unborn weighed heavily with us in our decision.

Of the vaccines typically given to babies under 5, three are abortion tainted:
Chicken pox
Hepatitis A
MMR (Measles, mumps, rubella)

From my personal research, I think it is better that my kids get real chicken pox instead of the vaccine anyway; and Hepatitis A is not much of a concern. The one that we struggled over was the MMR vaccine.

Of the three diseases the MMR vaccine covers, measles is the greatest concern. For the reasons above, we have not given our children the MMR vaccine once we found out about it. We had some conversations that weren’t very fun; and upon moving to Indianapolis, we went to three pediatricians before we found one who would support us in this. But I believe we’ve made the right decision.

I wanted to get you brothers this information so that you and your wives can make an informed decision.


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