Biola apologizes

BIOLA president Barry H. Corey has issued a public apology for how Diana Jimenez was treated. An excerpt:

In May we had a moment on campus when a Biola student in good standing, Diana Jimenez, was asked to remove graphic depictions of aborted babies. The encounter, which was preceded by numerous conversations with Diana, was captured in part on video that was edited and then posted on the Internet. Since that time I have heard from many friends of Biola who are leaders and voices in the pro-life community asking for perspective on the video and offering help, knowing we are allies for the sanctity of human life.

To them as well as to anyone of interest, I want to acknowledge publicly that there were missteps made in our response to Diana. For this we apologize to the public as I have privately to Diana. In the days and weeks following this incident, we have thought about where and how we could have and should have done things differently. In turn, we have taken corrective steps. Diana’s passion for the unborn was not the reason she was asked to remove the photographs. For actions on our part that were perceived to be heavy-handed and retaliatory, I have apologized to her and stand by this apology publicly. I acknowledge and regret our errors, and steps have been taken to correct them. As a result, the leadership of Biola is addressing our policies and procedures to avoid a reoccurrence of this type of situation.

Is this just damage control? But President Corey is looking to change school policy:

Biola has not had a specific policy regarding the use of graphic or disturbing images on campus, leading to the kind of situation experienced by Diana. By the end of the fall semester, Biola will have a clear policy supporting the ethical and compassionate use of graphic images in places trafficked by students. As a Christ-centered, biblically grounded community, we need to understand the role graphic images should play in communicating our convictions as Christians. In the meantime, we are committed to finding ways and appointing times and places on campus where information, including photographs of victims of injustice, will be displayed.

Also, according to LifeSiteNews, the Biola administration has overturned the Director of the Biola Nursing Department’s directive forbidding references to be given for Miss Jimenez; and that director has retired.

All good steps.

Thank you Dr. Corey for this public apology and for your willingness to take leadership in these decisions. May God grant you continued courage and faith as you act on behalf of these little ones.

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