Russia again!

Russia again! This time taking steps away from Molech. From the story:

Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law banning abortion advertising. Some members of the Duma (the Russian state assembly), are talking about going even further and banning the procedure itself…

This comes in the wake of several other Russian reform efforts related to sex and the family. This past summer, the Duma passed unanimously and President Putin signed “a total ban on homosexual propagandizing by foreign or domestic activists”; and in the fall the Russian prime minister made noises about making the Russian divorce tax almost 100 times more expensive. This is not to mention the recent adoption law changes Russia made to ensure that children are not adopted by singles or homosexuals, among other efforts. Putin has been hacking away at all kinds of physical unfruitfulness in the Russian Federation since at least his 2006 State of the Union address.

Russia certainly has a long way to go, but of all the places you’d look for continued unashamed steps of sexual sanity, who would have thought it would be Russia? Thank God for encouragement from unlikely places.

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One Response to Russia again!

  1. Henry Bish says:

    Yes and Amen!

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