Which revision of the Westminster Standards?

What is the current revision of the Westminster Standards adopted by the PCA and OPC, as reflected in the little yellow booklet jointly published by them titled The Westminster Standards? The Clearnote Songbook page has a helpful explanation…

In 1646, at the request of the “Long Parliament,” the Westminster Assembly of Divines finalized the Westminster Confession of Faith; Scripture proofs were added in 1647. The original text was later adopted by the Presbyterian Church in the U. S. A. (PCUSA) in 1789, with several revisions regarding the civil magistrate and its relationship to the Church (see XX.iv, XXIII.iii, XXXI.i–ii). The PCUSA made an additional revision in 1887 (see XXIV.iv), and then made more sweeping and liberal revisions in 1903 (not recorded below). In 1936 the Second General Assembly of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) adopted the WCF with the American alterations that had been made up until 1903. Most of the 1903 PCUSA revisions were not received by the OPC, except for two deletions which were retained (see XXII.iii and XXV.vi). The alternate Scripture proofs which accompany the revised sections were commissioned by the OPC. The Presbyterian Church in America, formed in 1973, adheres to the same version of the Westminster Standards as the OPC.

So the Westminster Standards as presented in the yellow booklet have the PCUSA revisions through 1887 plus two of the 1903 revisions, same as the Clearnote Songbook page.

(The OPC’s preface to the Westminster Standards has a similar explanation in a longer form.)

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