A 24-week Old Testament chronological survey

In Sunday School at church we are in the final weeks of a 24-week chronological survey through the books of the Old Testament that we started in January. What a wonderful, difficult time it’s been! Wonderful to spend time in each book; difficult to have to compress whole books into a 45-minute Sunday School lesson.

Here’s how we divided it up…

Old Testament Chronological Survey
Adult and Children’s Sunday School
January – June 2014

Week Book(s) Comments
1 Genesis
2 Job
3 Exodus & Leviticus Next time I think we’d do Exodus-Leviticus-Numbers one week and Deuteronomy the next
4 Numbers & Deuteronomy
5 Joshua, Judges & Ruth
6 1 & 2 Samuel
7 Psalms
8 Proverbs
9 Ecclesiastes & Song of Solomon
10 1 & 2 Kings
11 Obadiah & Jonah Prophecy against Edom and prophecy against Assyria
12 Joel & Amos In Joel we first hear that the Day of the Lord that everyone looked forward to will be a fearsome thing.

In Amos we see that we should not be too proud to hear the Word of the Lord from a hick preacher with a southern drawl.

13 Hosea
14 Isaiah
15 Micah A less familiar contemporary of Isaiah. God warns the proud using bad puns. Encouragement to the repentant – “the breaker” will break through. Encouragement to prophets today: the climax of Micah’s warning, regarding Jerusalem’s fall (3:12), used by God to bring about a great revival in the days of Hezekiah and to save Jeremiah’s life 100+ years later. The birthplace of the Messiah prophesied. A wonderful seven chapters.
16 Nahum & Habakkuk Nahum: Assyria’s final fall graphically prophesied, with no promise of a remnant. Such a short time after the revival of Jonah’s day! The danger of backsliding after having repented.

Habakkuk: like a mini book of Job (how can our holy and all-powerful God tolerate evil in the world?) in three short chapters. God doesn’t give an account of His reasons for every decision, but He is holy and wise and we must trust Him. Habakkuk responds with worship and praise, and so should we.

Habakkuk (after King Josiah’s death) actually comes after Zephaniah, which was during Josiah’s reign, but we grouped them this way to give obscure Zephaniah a week by itself.

17 Zephaniah Very intense three chapters. In chapter 1 the Lord corners us regarding our sin. No escape saying it’s others, or it’s not so bad. In chapter 2 we see that there is no escape even if we run away from the people of the God: the whole earth owes obedience to God. We are guilty, and all mouths are shut. In chapter 3 there is sweet comfort for the repentant.
18 Jeremiah & Lamentations
19 Ezekiel
20 Daniel God’s sovereignty over the kingdoms of men resoundingly proclaimed in 12 chapters.Daniel was exiled before Ezekiel in the first invasion by Babylon (Ezekiel was exiled in the second invasion), but his ministry lasted past the end of Ezekiel’s, into his mid-eighties; he saw the first wave of exiles return to Judah. Brings us right up to the events in the book of Ezra.
21 Ezra & Nehemiah
22 1 & 2 Chronicles & Esther
23 Haggai & Zechariah We grouped the three post-exile prophets at the end like this to help keep them straight.
24 Malachi
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