Who is this Jesus? – series preface

Just this past Sunday we started a brief 4-week study in Sunday School titled, Who is this Jesus? Following are the rough teacher’s notes from the series preface. See also lesson 1 and lesson 2.

“Who is this Jesus?” – Introduction
Clearnote Indy Adult Sunday School class
November 30, 2014

1. When you love someone, you want to know them more

Think you know someone well, still can learn new facets of who he is
– See her take care of her elderly mother
– See him tenderly holding a new baby
“I never knew that about you”
Sometimes to the extent that we say, “Who is this?”
– Mark 4:41 “Who then is this, that even the wind and the sea obey Him?”
(They already called Him Master and Lord)

  • Song of Solomon – the beloved starts out insecure: “Do not stare at me because I am swarthy” (1:6) – but under husband’s care time comes when people say…

Who is this that grows like the dawn,
As beautiful as the full moon,
As pure as the sun,
As awesome as an army with banners?” (Song 6:10)

They don’t recognize her. When did she change? How did she get this way? (Ah: she has been loved)

And when they’re older,

Who is this coming up from the wilderness
Leaning on her beloved? (Song 8:5)
(Secure, sweet oneness)
We see the fruit of her husband’s care for her

2. It’s same with Jesus when we learn new facets of who He is

Isaiah 63:1 “Who is this who comes from Edom,
With garments of glowing colors from Bozrah,
This One who is majestic in His apparel,
Marching in the greatness of His strength?
‘It is I who speak in righteousness, mighty to save.'”
(His strength, majesty, power to save)
(Our hearts are stirred: “Who is this?”)

This series: 4 weeks of studying 4 facets of Jesus’ character we often forget about, foggy about:
1. How all through history many other methods of salvation were tried – each came up empty
2. Not nice, but good: Jesus spoke the truth in love
3. Just and the One who justifies
4. We often don’t see the connection between our suffering, God’s glory, and our benefit – this shows that we don’t understand the connection between Jesus’ suffering, God’s glory, and our benefit. Jesus is an example to us in how He bore the burden of His suffering and and hoped in God, and accomplished the work He was given.

My hope: that we too say, “Who is this?” with faith and love.

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