Who is this Jesus? #4 – suffering and hope

Following are the rough teacher’s notes from lesson 4 of a four-week Sunday School series titled, Who is this Jesus? See also the series preface, lesson 1, lesson 2, and lesson 3.

Who is this Jesus? #4: Suffering and hope
Clearnote Indy Adult Sunday School class
December 21, 2014


We know Christ suffered for us
Hard to see how our suffering connects
We’re called to the fellowship of His suffering
There are things we need to understand about suffering

What is suffering?

What happens when you experience suffering?

(Good things and bad things)
– Tests your faith
– Difficult
– Can lose hope

1 Peter is about suffering and hope—hope in suffering

Read 1 Peter 1:3-4
God has caused us to be born again to a living hope through Christ

1. Why we have hope

1.1. We’re looking to our inheritance

  • Futility: nothing to look forward to
  • Hope: an eternal inheritance

How does it change things when you have something to look forward to?
As a kid, family vacation coming up…
work to do
– hard to concentrate
– chores
Erase difficulty? (no)
Hopeless? (no)
Why not hopeless? (It’a all pushing toward the thing you’re looking forward to)
This was a fleeting vacation; how much more for eternal inheritance

1.2. We’re bringing glory to God

1 Peter 1:6-7
When our faith is tested and found true it brings glory to God at Christ’s appearing (“Good and faithful slave”)
This is the very thing we seek!

1.3. The Lord gives us assurance of our salvation

1 Peter 1:8-9
The outcome of this faith is the salvation of our souls

2. How we should behave in suffering

Having this hope, how should we behave in suffering? God breaks this down by station in life

2.1. Servants/slaves (2:18-20)

What kind of masters? (unreasonable)
You’re a slave, how is your master unreasonable?
never know what he wants
undeserved whippings
sends you on long business trips away from your family

Lawful to seek a better situation – but what if you can’t find one?
– Futility
– Hopelessness
– No! Finds favor with God when you do your duty in the place where you are

2.2. Christ’s example (2:21-23)

What happens when you’re wrongfully accused? (Hopeless, bitter, angry, righteousnes seems futile)
Jail – people protest endlessly how everyone’s done them wrong and they’re innocent
Christ actually was completely innocent
What did He do? (not curse, entrusted Himself to Him who judges rightly)
How is He our example?
What is our temptation? (cursing, bitterness, fear, depression, loss of courage)

What did Jesus suffer for? (purpose, see verse 24)
Did His suffering accomplish its goal?
– Have we died to sin? (Yes)
– Are we living to righteousness? (Yes)
– Have we been healed? (Yes)
What can we say about Jesus’ suffering at the hands of the ungodly? (it brought glory to God; it accomplished its work)
– Was Jesus’ suffering worth it? (Yes)

What should His attitude have been toward it? (and it was)

2.3. Wives (3:1-2)

“In the same way…”
What way? (In the same way that Jesus didn’t curse, but entrusted Himself to Him who judges rightly)
What kind of husband? (disobedient to the Word)
What is this kind of husband like? Or, what is it like living with this kind of husband? (wretched, living under a tyrant)

Such a woman’s place is to adorn herself with a gentle and quiet spirit: this is precious in the sight of God
It’s not futility, uselessness, hopelessness
She’s a vessel for the Master’s use. Some are common, some are honorable: this is honorable!

2.4. Husbands (3:7)

“In the same way…”
What way?
You have a vision…your wife is not coming along
– Applies to pursuing a woman also
Futility! Hopelessness!
Tempting to get disgusted with her. With what? (Her weakness)
What’s it like to live with her in understanding way? (Give place for emotions, give time for her to adjust to new ideas when possible)
She is weaker—admit it
Your place is not to become bitter and curse, but to lead patiently and entrust the outcome to God
– Not futile or hopeless


1 Peter 4:13
Don’t be surprised at the fiery ordeal. Walk by faith in your place, and you will have increase to give Him at the revelation of His glory on that Day. Hope and joy, like Christ had

At Christmas, thank Him for going before us and showing us the way

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