LifeSiteNews reports that the National Institute of Health (NIH) is considering national funding of research involving  chimeras — creatures created from parts of humans and parts of animals. While I don’t think there’s a moral problem with putting a human stomach in a pig, somewhere there is a boundary we must not cross…

The news article quotes Dr. Stuart Newman as saying,

Pigs with fully human brains. Humans with animal brains that would be used for research or body parts. Who knows?

The article goes on to say,

One proposed restriction is that no ape species be used, because apes are too close to homosapiens. A second restriction would be to prohibit an animal sperm and human egg to breed, as well as prohibit any breeding involving animals with human sperm and human eggs, which could create human babies inside animals.

The NIH is requesting comments from the public until September 6 using their online form.

Here is what I just posted there:

Please do not try to create chimeras from human sperm and animal egg or animal sperm and human egg. God forbids such attempts, using language such as “defiled,” “perversion,” and “bloodguiltiness” (see Leviticus 18:23 and 20:16). Do not provoke the wrath of God by mingling in confusion what God has purposely kept separate.

More could and should be said. Post your comments to the NIH’s form.

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