Crossing the Jordan means picking up your sword, not laying it down

Beloved hymns picture the Jordan River as a symbol of physical death and the promised land as a symbol of heaven. But when the Israelites passed over the Jordan under Joshua, they did not lay down their weapons to study war no more–they picked up their weapons and entered a lifetime of war, as little by little the Lord gave them victory over the wicked peoples that lived there and they took possession of their inheritance.

This is not a picture of physical death and heaven; this is a picture of regeneration and the life of a Christian…

The book of Joshua is a picture of the blessings in store when we fight the good fight to the death and make no provision for the flesh.

The book of Judges is a picture of what happens to the professing Christian who makes peace with his sin.

Those who claim they have no sin despise the book of Joshua because its violent earnestness is not to their taste.

Those who love the Lord should look to Joshua’s encouragements and Judges’ warnings, and stir up zeal in themselves and others to persevere in faithfulness to their Lord. These books are intensely relevant and useful to the Christian soldier.

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