The Greatness of the Great Ormond Street Hospital

The Great Ormond Street Hospital has decided 11-month-old Charlie Gard must die. Not only is the hospital unwilling to proceed with treatment for a rare condition Charlie has, but they have refused even to let Charlie’s parents take him at their own expense to a hospital that has offered to give him treatment for his condition. No, they say, they’re duty-bound to take Charlie off the ventilator so that he dies.

After all, they have their standards. As the hospital said in a statement prepared for a court hearing earlier this month, “GOSH believes in its core that every patient is his or her own, unique and special person and that it owes a duty of care to each.” Elsewhere, the statement goes on and on about “Charlie’s welfare” and “the child’s interests.”

By “Charlie’s welfare” and “duty of care,” remember, they mean they have a duty to see to it that he dies…

The other thing the hospital goes on and on about is how everyone agrees with them – the whole hospital, all the judges — even the majestic European Court of Human Rights! Only Charlie’s stupid parents stand opposed. It particularly irks the hospital that Charlie’s parents think somehow they have a unique responsibility as parents to make decisions for their son.

Three things to say about this. First, don’t believe the lies of the godless proud. As an example, avoidance of suffering is a primary reason the hospital wants Charlie to die. But times of suffering are one of the most powerful things God uses to sanctify us.

Second, if you find yourself in a situation where all the people with credentials are treating you like an idiot, don’t be afraid of them. It may be true that you’re completely uneducated compared to them, but if all you’re saying is the innocent should not be put to death or a boy isn’t a girl, isn’t it ironic if the uneducated know these things and the educated don’t? As the formerly blind man, full of faith, said to the blind Pharisees, “Well, here is an amazing thing, that you do not know where He is from, and yet He opened my eyes”! (John 9:30)

Third, there’s a petition you can sign urging the hospital to let Charlie’s parents take him elsewhere at their own expense for treatment. Despite the hospital’s protestations of how all their actions spring from their profound sense of right and wrong, they actually do care what people think of them. Help shame them here. There’s a (possibly final) hearing Tuesday.

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