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Who is this Jesus? #4 – suffering and hope

Following are the rough teacher’s notes from lesson 4 of a four-week Sunday School series titled, Who is this Jesus? See also the series preface, lesson 1, lesson 2, and lesson 3. Who is this Jesus? #4: Suffering and hope … Continue reading

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Man’s duty to protect woman: a catechism Q and A

We’ve addressed the issue of man’s duty to protect woman before at greater length, but let’s boil it down still further into the form of a catechism question and answer, to make it easier to commit to memory. Q: How … Continue reading

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Evangelism as listening and asking questions

I sent the following to the pastor of the church we went to a couple of Sundays ago in North Carolina. I told my kids and my brother-in-law it was a bad sermon, and I thought it was only right … Continue reading

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97 theses on man’s duty to protect woman

When a man loves a woman he will lay down his life to defend her, just as Christ loved His Bride and gave Himself up for Her. Men have proudly fulfilled this duty from time immemorial, demonstrating what A. A. … Continue reading

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