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Russia again!

Russia again! This time taking steps away from Molech. From the story: Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law banning abortion advertising. Some members of the Duma (the Russian state assembly), are talking about going even further and … Continue reading

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Leper faith

But what we have in America—and the reason that the church in America is so unfruitful—is a whole bunch of people who are running around spouting off nice things about what Jesus has done for them, but they’re not obeying … Continue reading

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The Father and the Son

And he looked at us and he said to us from his chair, “I don’t have to do anything. I don’t have to take any message. You’re my message now.” And we came to an understanding of what it means … Continue reading

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God is the King of All the Earth

Don’t you see, brothers and sisters, your cynicism is a deadly, treasonous sin. Your pessimism is a statement of rebellion against the great King who rules over the nations. God has spoken clearly. Who are we to be cynical and … Continue reading

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They thought not that a thorough reformation would multiply their own work

…and all because they understood not what his salvation is, and how it is carried on, but dream of a salvation without flesh-displeasing, and without self-denial and renouncing the world, and parting with their sins, and without any holiness, or … Continue reading

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Malthus: bad, but not quite that bad

Steve Mosher and the folks at the Population Research Institute run a site called Remember that Steven Mosher is the man who in 1983 was booted from his doctoral program in anthropology at Stanford after exposing the horrors of … Continue reading

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Please wear a condom, Jesus

In these times, we are accustomed to dissociating the act of sex from the planting of seed. Is this right? Is this what the Holy Spirit teaches us in Scripture?  I have questioned this before in prose; today I want … Continue reading

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