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Imperfect, sin-tainted obedience

When we work to be about our duty to defend and care for the poor, the orphan, the widow, the alien and the stranger like we see modeled for us by righteous Job in Job 31—when we take action to … Continue reading

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Who is this Jesus? #4 – suffering and hope

Following are the rough teacher’s notes from lesson 4 of a four-week Sunday School series titled, Who is this Jesus? See also the series preface, lesson 1, lesson 2, and lesson 3. Who is this Jesus? #4: Suffering and hope … Continue reading

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Just share the Word

And then you start thinking, well, there’s a context for everything—and I said, where is there a more appropriate context for the law of God than when someone’s about a half hour away from murdering their child? When you work … Continue reading

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God is the King of All the Earth

Don’t you see, brothers and sisters, your cynicism is a deadly, treasonous sin. Your pessimism is a statement of rebellion against the great King who rules over the nations. God has spoken clearly. Who are we to be cynical and … Continue reading

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A good kind of despair

I was talking with a friend the other day and I said something like “Anything good in us comes from God, not from us.”  He questioned this, mentioning the verse where Paul says when we are in Christ we are … Continue reading

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