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You shouldn’t sign your name to an agreement that evil men may kill one of your children, not even to save the others

I just sent the following to my representative: Subject: Don’t abandon the rape and incest babies Dear Representative Carson, Please do not support the H.R. 36: Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act as it is – it withholds protection for babies … Continue reading

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Regarding Diana Jimenez

June 6, 2013 Dear [BIOLA] President Barry Corey, My first introduction to BIOLA was through the writings of Fred Sanders and John Mark Reynolds several years ago on the Scriptorium blog of the Torrey Institute. Thank you for your work … Continue reading

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Why personhood, part 2: a legal basis for protecting the innocent

In part 1, our purpose was to establish that a judge must protect the innocent, and that for a judge to consign an innocent unborn baby, having committed no crime, to death, is wickedness. When a judge renders a decision, … Continue reading

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Why personhood, part 1: the judge’s duty

Scenario: You’re a God-fearing judge. A young woman is brought before you. She is pregnant and she wants to kill her unborn baby. Under the laws of your state she must have written parental consent. Her parents have refused consent, … Continue reading

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