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Just like our father

Have you ever thought it unfair that our first father Adam should represent you? Have you ever thought, “What a rotten deal that Adam fell and I got smeared with the guilt of it too.” Perhaps you have followed the … Continue reading

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So long as we do not look beyond the earth…

Calvin begins his Institutes of the Christian Religion by showing how knowledge of God and knowledge of man are necessarily intertwined, in that the more we understand the holiness of God, the more we realize how great the offense of … Continue reading

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The wisdom of God regarding an unchaste virgin

God’s law regarding the unchaste virgin provided protection for a defamed virgin and punishment for harlotry in the context of love of God and neighbor…

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The wisdom of God regarding rape

In our day, having failed to study the law of God, the people of God are not familiar with it. Being unfamiliar with it, we don’t understand it, and not understanding it we lack confidence in it. This makes us … Continue reading

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Sins of ignorance

Many today who profess Christ deny that sin committed unintentionally or in ignorance—that is, not willfully–is sin. Such a man denies that what he would call failings, or shortcomings, or errors, are soul-dangerous sins that he must confess and repent … Continue reading

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The man who stands up against the winds knows far more about wind than the man who blows right over

Personal virtue and integrity were important to Anne Bradstreet. She put the issue this way, with characteristic plainness: “That town which thousands of enemies without hath not been able to take hath been delivered up by one traitor within, and … Continue reading

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On confronting sin

If we saw that such would reform without reproof, we would gladly forbear the publishing of their faults. But when reproofs themselves prove so ineffectual, that they are more offended at the reproof than at the sin, and had rather … Continue reading

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