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Richard Baxter’s The Reformed Pastor on the duties of a pastor to his flock has been a help to many since it was originally written in the 1600s. There are multiple abridgments available online—William Brown’s (1829) and Samuel Palmer’s (1766) at least.

What I offer here is Thomas Rutherford’s abridgment, which restores some of the exhortation and instruction on church discipline, and many quotes from church fathers, which the popular Brown edition at least removed (see the appendix of these). Rutherford’s abridgment is already available as a free Google eBook and in print, but there is additional accessiblility in having it as simple web pages. I hope this may be useful to the body of Christ, and particularly to her pastors.

Special thanks to my wife and my daughter, who helped me with the transcription process.

To God be the glory!

Daniel S. Meyer
May 9, 2013
Indianapolis, Indiana

Public Domain Mark

This work (The Reformed Pastor, by Richard Baxter as abridged by Thomas Rutherford), identified by Daniel S. Meyer, was first published in the early- to mid-1800s and is free of known copyright restrictions.

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