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General preface


Address to the people

Chapter 1: Introduction


Chapter 2: What it is to take heed to all the flock.

2.0. What is implied and presupposed
2.0.1. Every flock have their own pastor
2.0.2. The flock be no larger than the pastors can oversee
2.1. Of the end of this oversight: pleasing and glorifying God
2.2. Of the subject of this work
2.2.1. To excite them to seek durable treasure
2.2.2. To acquaint them with the means of attaining it
2.3. Of the objects of it
2.3.1. The unconverted
2.3.2. the converted the young and weak those under particular trials those declining in religion those exercised with great temptations the disconsolate the strong
2.4. Of the work itself.
2.4.1. Public preaching
2.4.2. Sacraments
2.4.3. Public prayer, praise, and benediction
2.4.4. Oversight of the members distinctly Knowing them instructing the ignorant advising them who seek advice looking to particular families resisting seduction encouraging the obedient visiting the sick comforting the distressed privately admonishing offenders public discipline more public reproof persuading the person to suitable expressions of repentance praying for them restoring the penitent excluding and avoiding the impenitent
2.5. The manner and necessity of these acts.
2.5.1. Footnote on excommunication in the early church


Chapter 3: Of the manner and concomitants of our work

3.1. It must be done purely for God
3.2. Laboriously and diligently
3.3. Prudently and orderly
3.4. We must insist most on the greatest and most necessary things
3.5. With plainness and evidence
3.6. In a sense of our insufficiency and dependance on Christ
3.7. In humility and condescension
3.8. With a mixture of severity and mildness
3.9. With affectionate seriousness
3.10. Reverently and spiritually
3.11. In tender love to our people
3.12. Patiently
3.13. And with an earnest desire of union among ourselves, and of the unity and peace of the church.


Chapter 4: Confession of the sins of the ministry, especially of this nation


Chapter 5: Use of exhortation


Chapter 6: Reasons for this work


Chapter 7: Directions to the less experienced for the proper management of this work.


Chapter 8: Directions how to deal with self-conceited opinionists.


Appendix A: Items not found in the Brown abridgment

A.1. Extended section on church discipline
A.2. Footnotes, supporting quotations, and references to men
A.3. References to other works


Appendix B: Page scans

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